The Avainlippu (lit. “Key flag”) symbol for multiple products

made-in-finlandSuomen Terveysravinto (lit. “Finnish health nutrition”) is, in accordance with its name, a Finnish company that seeks to highlight Finnish expertise. Many of the company’s products have been granted the Avainlippu (lit. “Key flag”) symbol by The Association for Finnish Work. This tells of Finnish production and that the products create jobs and livelihoods in Finland.

At the moment, the following products of Suomen Terveysravinto have received the Avainlippu symbol: Children’s vitamin D, Multivitamin, the renewed Strong Melatonin, Magnesium+ and vitamin B12. This tells of the company’s desire to invest in the promotion of domestic labor while developing product selection.

–As a Finnish company, we consider it our great privilege to support domestic labor in our product selection, says Product Specialist of Suomen Terveysravinto, Tuomas Havukainen.

The Avainlippu symbol is a well-known and respected symbol that means the product or service has been produced in Finland. The Avainlippu symbol can be granted to products or services whose degree of domesticity (including ingredients) is at least 50 percent. The average degree of domesticity among the products that have been granted the Avainlippu symbol is over 80 percent.

The Avainlippu symbol has been granted to thousands of Finnish products and services. The license to use the Avainlippu symbol is granted by the Avainlippu committee for three years at a time, based on applications. The fulfillment of the requirements necessary for maintaining the license is tracked on a yearly basis.

Additional information

The Avainlippu (lit. “Key flag”) symbol is a mark of origin granted to products and services that have been produced in Finland. The Avainlippu has been granted to approximately 4000 products, product groups, and services.

The Association for Finnish Work strives to increase appreciation for Finnish labor and to ensure the prosperity and success of Finnish work. This association manages the mark of Finnish origin and seeks to impact purchase decisions and the renewal of Finnish working life.