Certified Quality

We consider the quality control and transparency of our products to be of great importance. The factories that manufacture our products are selected in accordance with our strict requirements.

Sydänystävä (lit. “Heart-friendly”) Omega 3 fish oil product

In 2011 we introduced a fish oil product, Sydänystävä Omega, to the market. For the manufacturing of this product we selected a Norwegian factory that utilizes the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system throughout its production chain all the way from raw material to the manufacturing and distribution of the product.

At the beginning of 2018, our Sydänystävä fish oil product was the first Finnish company to receive the internationally recognized IFOS certificate. The five star IFOS certificate ensures that the oxidation levels and heavy metal percentages of the product are at the top of the market. On the same occasion, Sydänystävä also received the Igen certificate, which ensures that the there are no genetically modified substances used during the manufacturing or encapsulation process.

On the label of each Sydänystävä box, you will find a link to the analytical report, from which you can check the oxidation levels and heavy metals percentages of the batch in question.

We want to respect nature and ensure the highest standard of ethics in our production processes. For this reason, we are collaborating with the internationally leading Friend of the Sea organization, which promotes ethical fishing and fish farming and has granted our Sydänystävä (lit. “Heart-friendly”) fish oil product the Friend of the Sea certificate. Read more here.

Vitamin D

In 2012 we introduced to the market an oil-based vitamin D product. It is manufactured by a company that is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and ISO certified manufacturer. Each batch contains the analysis results of an objective laboratory as well as a certificate of the vitamin D percentage of the batch.

Doping tests

Some professional athletes do not use dietary supplements at all, since certain dietary supplements contain traces of prohibited (doping) substances. Even though this does not cause a direct threat to your health, it may lead to a positive test result in the doping tests of professional sports. For this reason, Suomen Terveysravinto has decided to offer its athletes and sponsor athletes supplements that are guaranteed safe: all of our products have been doping-tested for prohibited substances.