Friend of the Sea certificate for Sydänystävä

Friend of the SeaSuomen Terveysravinto’s Sydänystävä (lit. “Heart-friendly”) fish oil has been granted the Friend of the Sea certificate, which ensures that the fish used in the production have been fished in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Suomen Terveysravinto began its collaboration with the Friend of the Sea organization this year. Friend of the Sea is a nonprofit organization that supports sustainable fishing and seeks to minimize the effects that fishing has on the ecosystem as well as support the use of selective fishing methods.

Friend of the Sea is an internationally leading certification program for ethical fishing and fish farming.The certification ensures that the fish used in the production of Sydänystävä fish oil do not originate from overfished, not well-known or fish stock recovery areas. Likewise, it guarantees that the fishing methods do not harm the sea floor and that the fishing must meet all legal requirements. The certification is handled by independent certification committees.

–It is important for us to ensure that when you use our products, you do not have to worry about the effects they could have on you or on the other side of the world, says Import Manager of Suomen Terveysravinto, Markus Mäenpää.

Over three billion people are dependent on the diversity of sea and coastal life. Oceans are the biggest source of protein in the world and also the main source of food for over 2,5 billion people. Sea fishing provides jobs directly and indirectly to over 200 million people. Oceans contain 97 % of the world’s water, and they take in approximately 30 % of carbon dioxide produced by people. To benefit from oceans, we must continuously respect and care for them.

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