Hohde products become a member of Pro Luonnonkosmetiikka ry

(lit. “Pro Natural Cosmetics registered association”)

The Hohde product line has been approved as a member of Pro Luonnonkosmetiikka ry (lit. “Pro Natural Cosmetics registered association), which operates in Finland. This association promotes the visibility of genuine natural cosmetic brands and aspires to strengthen the position of natural cosmetics on the domestic cosmetic market.

Membership in Pro Luonnonkosmetiikka ry indicates that an independent expert has examined and approved the ingredients and manufacturing methods of the Hohde products. This inspection focuses on, among other things, the ingredients, the manufacturing methods, the factories, as well as ecological production and how recyclable the packages are.

Cosmetic advertising often tends to focus on nature, naturalness and cleanliness, but mere images of products do not make them natural cosmetics. Pro Luonnonkosmetiikka ry determines what genuine natural cosmetics are: they favor certified, organic ingredients and do not use, for instance, synthetic essences, oils, fats, dyes, silicones, animal fats or proteins. Genetic modification and animal testing are forbidden.

Member brands of Pro Luonnonkosmetiikka ry produce and import hundreds of natural cosmetic products, whose ingredients are natural and ecologically produced and refined. You can now also see the HOHDE logo among the business lines of Pro Luonnonkosmetiikka ry.