HOHDE – Body oil

Our skin has the inclination of becoming dry in the summer and winter. Dry air indoors as well as sunshine decreases the elasticity and resilience of the skin, making it age prematurely. The Hohde body oil is a natural way of taking care of the skin and health of your entire body. The plant oils of the product are well absorbed into the skin, nourishing it and making it soft and supple.

The oil extracts of the Finnish, organically farmed carrots, beetroots and Marigold flowers treat the skin with their antioxidant-rich carotenoids. The essential oil of grapefruit gives the product its delightful fragrance and increases the production of mood-uplifting hormones in the brain. This oil is classified as an essential aromatherapeutic oil – oils that activate the metabolism.

Instructions: spread over body after taking a shower, and enjoy the wonderful sensation and fragrance on your skin.

One body oil delivery contains one 50 ml bottle.

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