Vitamin D Capsules

Suomen Terveysravinto’s vitamin D capsules are manufactured in accordance with international standards (the GMP certificate) in order to ensure optimal absorption.

  • One capsule per day is enough.
  • One shipment includes 300 capsules for 44,90 €.

Vitamin D can be labeled “the sun vitamin” for good reason, since the human skin produces vitamin D as a result of sun exposure. In Finland, vitamin D is not used to supplement a possible deficient diet but rather limited sun exposure, especially during the winter. Vitamin D brings the sun to your skin, even in the darkness of the North. Vitamin D is essential for the ideal functioning of bones, muscles and the immune system.

The 20 µg dosage of vitamin D can also be administered to children from the age of two and up; however, we do recommend Children’s vitamin D for small children, as it is easier to swallow. Approximately from the age of 12, the 50 µg dosage of vitamin D may be used. Vitamin D is also recommended for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

See the ingredients: 100 µg, 50 µg, 20 µg (pdf)

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